Overview Exhibition

Exhibition “SecondSquat”, Vienna

Game Art, interactive installation, 2009
by Corinne Studer and her avatar Fuzzy Janus

SecondSquat is an interactive installation reflecting virtual space planing and movement possibilities within a three dimensional online world like “Second Life”.

SecondSquat consists of a Interactive Game and a Spatial Utopia, which was realised within Second Life. For more information see WORKS.

Overview Exhibition

The exhibtions are taking place at:

18.6.09 “Digital Traces”, Vienna

25.6 – 15.7.09 “Essence 2009” , University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Vordere Zollamtstrasse 3, Vienna

25.6 – 12.7.09 “Alias in Wonderland”, Freiraum / quartier21, im Museumsquartier MQ, Vienna,

18.6. – 15.8.09 In “Second Life”: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Angewandte/76/96/54


SecondSquat - spatial utopia for a 3D-internet
SecondSquat – spatial utopia for a 3D-internet







Special thanks to:

John Shave, programming support
Leo Peschta,  electronic support
Max Moswitzer, sl-land support